Brian C. Padgett, Bar No. 7474 – the Deadbeat of All Deadbeats; Won’t Even Show Up to Mandated Court Appearances as a Defendant & Attorney Representing Himself


A bench warrant will be issued for defendant Brian C. Padgett, says a Clark County, Nevada, judge. Padgett is both the defendant and attorney in the case, and represents himself.

According to court records, Brian C. Padgett, Nevada State Bar No. 7474, has missed so many court dates (four, and counting … ), that a judge, when presented with evidence of such, said the court had no alternative but to issue a bench warrant for the arrest of Padgett as a result of such contempt.

Padgett ignored a court date in February and was hit with a $250 sanction for failure to appear. Padgett failed to appear at another court date in early March and was hit with another $250 in sanctions as a result. He failed to appear at yet another court date in early April and was hit with yet another sanction fine of $500. Total to date is $1,000.

Also, during one of the court dates he was missed, the plaintiff in the case requested that Padgett pay her legal fees. Because Padgett was not there to give an opposing view, the judge granted the plaintiff some $42,000 in legal fees.

There’s an old saying that “the world is run by those who show up.” Apparently Brian C. Padgett is ok with letting others determine his fate.

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