Brian C. Padgett, Suspended Las Vegas Attorney, Hiding Out, Renting a Room From a Friend at 2508 Valdanos Place, Henderson NV

Brian Padgett, “peeping through the window” (upper right) hiding out renting a room at the house of a woman friend at 2508 Valdanos Place in Henderson, NV.

Brian C. Padgett, who is up to his ear lobes in all kinds of legal trouble, including his 5-year suspensiton from the Nevada state bar which prevents him from practicing as an attorney, has been trying to keep his whereabouts hidden.

But we’ve found him.

He’s allegedly currently living with a woman he’s befriended, renting a room at her place in Henderson. The address: 2508 Valdanos Place, Henderson, NV 89044.

So all you servers out there trying to track him down, there you go. You’re welcome.

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