Brian C. Padgett, We’ve Got a New Tattoo Suggestion:
Your Inmate Number on Your Alleged Girlfriend’s
Torso (Your Thoughts?)

Hey Brian! We have an idea we’d like to get your feedback on. How about you get your alleged girlfriend, Natalie Lieberman, to add your inmate number to her side tattoo (see above suggestion). What do you think? (Font selection is up to you and her, of course.)

I know you were allegedly picked up on a felony bench warrant earlier this week and that you are now in custody in Clark County Detention Center for writing some $400,000 in bad checks and that you’re currently sitting in jail wearing your inmate No. 01667502 patch. Check out my post on my sister site that is examining your baby mama’s background and current events:

The Nevada State Bar, in their complaint filed against you, has recommended you be disbarred for five years, which begs the question: why only five years?

Looks like you’re finally getting a taste of your just desserts. We’ll see more of what’s on that menu as time goes by.

I guess your baby mama’s clout (that’s who I call Jennifer Lazovich, the out of wedlock mother of Padgett’s children — baby mama) that she bragged to me about before couldn’t keep her baby daddy out of jail?

Stay tuned as the story advances.

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